|| Andy Stratton

Before Andrew Barker had the brain wave of starting Null & void he was deep under cover as Andy Stratton. It was whilst under this cunning guise that he released the highly collectable single "I dont Know". Now so often heard on radio stations across the USA. This is in the main due to the efforts of the record label 'Hyped To Death' who are commited to keeping these wonderfull old records alive. Andy played all the instruments exept the drums which were played by Graham Fallows.

If you want to buy it you can get it on the compilation CD Messthetics available here http://hyped2death.com/ or email theband@null-and-void.com


|| Record Cover

Andy Stratton single I Dont't Know on All the madmen records
Andy Stratton single "I Don't Know" on All the madmen records 1980

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